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Life Insurance

from Anderson Insurance Agency

Life Insurance

You’re just starting out in life, and things look great. Perhaps you’ve recently graduated from college and started your dream job. Maybe you just proposed to your dream girl and are planning a life of wedded bless, or you and your husband are planning on starting a family. Whether you’re juggling career and family or married to your job, you need to plan ahead. Anderson Insurance Agency helps people like you by providing affordable, customizable life insurance policies.

Coverage You Need

Everyone needs life insurance. Whether you’re young and single or middle-aged and anticipating an empty nest, you need to consider what will happen if you die suddenly. Will your family have enough money to pay for final expenses? Will your spouse be able to make mortgage payments or keep the lights on?

Because life changes, your needs in life insurance will change as well. The friendly professionals at Anderson Insurance Agency stand by our customers. We offer regular rate reviews to insure that each of our clients continues to have the coverage necessary for each stage of life.

Available Life Insurance Products

If you’ve ever shopped for life insurance, you know that there are several types of coverage, and you might feel overwhelmed when making a decision. That’s where our customer support comes in. We’ll explain to you the difference between term life insurance and whole or universal coverage. Through our relationship with multiple providers, we can shop around to find a policy that fits your lifestyle.

Then we’ll keep in touch with you, through all of life’s changes. We recommend regular rate reviews as well as life insurance policy reviews anytime

  • You have a change in marital status
  • You have or adopt a child
  • You assume responsibility for the care of an aging relative
  • You change jobs
  • You have a significant change in annual income
  • You start or significantly grow your own business
  • You purchase a new home
  • You have any other major life change

It has been said that those who die without life insurance aren’t likely to need it again, but their families always face the consequences. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to learn more about our full menu of life insurance products for Michiganders.